What to Expect

What to Expect
Each section of the system will have it's own webpage. It will include a video - some with narration and some without. We decided to have some without to attempt a bit of variety in the learning experience, offering different 
modalities.  With that in mind, along with videos, there will be...

1. Where there is audio, there will be a verbatim transcript as a pdf file. The text is chunked by slide.
2. Slide Notes - these are the exact pictures of the slides centered at the top of a page with generous room for taking notes on the remainder of the page and the backside for additional notes and action planning.
3. Supplemental information in the form of links or additional pdfs. We look at each webpage as the module beyond just the video. We will be adding things if helpful and you'll be notified when when do.
4. For easy access, we suggest you have a special folder either in the cloud or your hard drive to save your downloads
5. Also, bookmark this website - you'll want to return to it frequently. And for those of you who sync your browser across all your devices, you'll have easy access where and when you need it.

Reminder: The content is password protected. Please honor the investment of fellow colleagues and not share content, unless special arrangements have been made.