1-1 Coaching
Individual Talent/Performance Management 
Our individual coaching is primarily focused on performance, leadership, and/or management coaching.
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Coaching Sessions Explained

How to use...

...a dilemma you need to work though?  
...a sounding board...someone to listen to you with an discerning ear?
...the need for your performance to improve or to manage your career differently? 
...the need to put together an exit strategy in your current employment?

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What is coaching? - expanded explanation - click here

Performance Coaching - Coaching as Development...read on...

You know corporate coaching has been around for a long time, mostly confined to the context of executive coaching, but now it comes in the form of time management coaching, communication coaching, performance coaching, leadership coaching, success coaching, and the ever popular personal life coaching. It can be whatever you need it to be and that's the point!

In fact some companies are now placing on retainer a corporate coach.

In essence coaching is a customized version of training, particularly when you couple it with targeted learning, which is the model I use. In fact I call it T.T.S. - targeted training sessions that foster development. It is a way to gain the highest level of return on investment for every training dollar spent.


Here's How You Can Start

1. Set up an initial no-cost coaching consultation where we talk through your currents needs or if you're not comfortable talking yet, you can send me an email: joann@thehumansphere.com
2. A training-coaching plan can be designed. Coaching plans can be as short as a few hours or last over the course of several months.

3. Laser 1/1 coaching sessions are typically booked in 30-45 minute blocks, in which we discuss activities completed and next steps.


    Payment Options
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    ent plans available // PayPal - click here
    All payments will be pre-paid at the beginning of each month
    Bank to bank - send to joann@thehumansphere.com
    Don't hesitate to contact me even if you're the least bit curious...remember the initial consultation is free