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We are thrilled to have the PDA International behavioral assessment capabilities in our High-Performance Toolkit!
We have found their offerings to be superior to others on the market in the following ways = cost, reporting (multiple reports can be generated from one assessment), flexibility in implementation.

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Request a Complimentary Experience
We're so confident in the benefit of this assessment suite to your organization, that we'd like to offer you a complimentary experience. You can take the assessment and get a free consultation regarding it's usage for a specific situation within your organization. There is a high probably this experience will in fact make or save your company money!

Our favorite elements of this tool:
1. It's not forced choice-multiple choice, but word selection
2. It takes on average 10-15 minutes to complete
3. It's in multiple languages and can be taken from anyplace where there is web access
4. In addition to the initial report which is about 20+ pages, the following additional reports are available at no cost!
5. EEOC compliant
6. It's so dang affordable!!

Talk about the capability to "know your bench"!  These reports (which are really neat when you see them) offers the opportunity to take your talent management needs to a whole new level!  The information provided will help you answer so many questions and create a plan best hire, for coaching up, coaching out, promotion or succession, best fit, team synergy and balance, identifying points of conflict within a team or between a manager and team member to name a few.

You can access the samples reports here. Go to this link. Once you've clicked this link scroll to the bottom and select sample reports: http://www.pdainternational.net/en-us/Home.aspx


EEOC Compliant Statement


Pricing is based on volume purchases and there is not a minimum or maximum requirement.  Pricing is based per user, not per report.  This is great news in that the variety of reports available are amazing! You can also acquire a license and have key decision-makers trained as analyst and then role it out to your management team. Or you're free to use us as your facilitator.  Lot's of flexibility!

Next Steps
I'd like to talk about our needs and how this tool might fit 
I'd like to have a complimentary experience which includes the assessment with an advisory session
Email  - joann@jcsbusinessadvisors.com or call 888.388.0565

Reminder: This is the tool used for Stage 1: Who We Are - Team Behavior Assessment

Resource Section

PDA Technical information - for those who want to read the science behind the validation -
PDA Tech-ValidationManual EN.pdf
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The story of the assessment including detailed elements overview -
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If you missed the page on Assessments - general overview -  there are links to good articles as well as a link to the expanded explanation for EEOC compliance.
- click 


email  - joann@jcsbusinessadvisors.com or call 888.388.0565